About Me, Alex

I’m Alex, creator of Tittybar Tales, a humorous autobiographical comic about my time working as a stripper between 2003 and 2013 in the southern US. Since then I have come out as a transgender man and I am continuing to explore my identity as I work on my comic. It may seem paradoxical to be drawing and posting my boobs all over the internet while I’m transitioning, but I like to think it keeps me honest. It’s totally something I’m interested in writing about in the future.

If you want to know more about me please read my interview with Queer Deer Media: Queer Deer Interview

Thanks for visiting!

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Twitter ~ Tumblr


2 thoughts on “About Me, Alex

  1. I came here because I saw this comic ranked highly on a publicity list. It’s just the kind of thing that is hard to make up: real and silly, with heart and grit. Good job!

    Didn’t read the interview, but hey, I saw all I needed to see. If you have the chance, why not try joining an atelier/drawing class? Never hurts to improve your drawing skills!

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