New Episode!

In this episode, Teamwork, one of Tittybar Tales very own Kickstarter backers is featured! Mr. Ozone Ocean has truly been so supportive and stuck with me since I started posting Tittybar Tales over on The Duck Webcomics in 2008. Check out his comic featuring a sexy pink haired lady kicking ass in an alternate 1920’s setting:

For this episode I asked Mr. Ocean if there was anything he would be interested in seeing a comic about. He asked if there was any rivalry between the dancers so I came up with this not-so-uncommon situation. It may seem lighthearted in the comic, but it can get pretty darn serious if someone ‘steals a customer’ from another entertainer. I personally feel that that a double dance is truly the most equitable resolution.

So much has happened since the Kickstarter last November. The US election, friends in crisis, and loosing both our beloved household pets– 2017 has been a bit rough!? BUT the GOOD NEWS is that I  started going to school for comics! I can hardly believe it! I’m having a great time and learning a lot already and I’m stoked to be getting a whole lot better at drawing and story telling. Please look forward to more comics!





My Kickstarter Video!

Just realized I never posted this here. It has only 15 views but the one of me putting on makeup has over 200? Maybe I should make more of those…

Proofs from Bookmobile!


It’s almost done! I’ve asked for one more quote because I’d like to make a few changes to the cover and inside cover… Hard not to rush but I just want it to be the best I can do! Bookmobile has been incredibly helpful and patient in answering my many questions throughout the process. Now that I’ve seen the proofs I can see that they deliver a quality product as well!

Book Progress!

Hope you are well in the new year! It looks like the PDF and the files for printing will be done at about the same time (which is very very soon!) I messed up the files a few times in Indesign but I think I’ve got it now. I’m adding an illustration to the back/inside of the cover which I think will add a nice touch, as well as some extra pages that will include the boring stuff (publishing info, credits, etc.) Additionally I will have my very own ISBN number for the book! AND the PDF will have a navigational table of contents which I’m very proud of myself for figuring out. I’m excited about how it’s coming along and I just want every detail to be as good as I can make it!