Tittybar Tales Theme Tune!!

This is a song was created just for Tittybar Tales!!!

A while back I was honored to be featured on the Quack Cast (episode 228) over on The Duck Webcomics. One of the hosts, writer and artist David Tulloch, additionally composes ‘theme tunes’ for webcomics as part of the podcast! I love the tune he composed for Tittybar Tales and I just realized he has posted it to his webpage so I can share it here.

Thank you David for this amazing gift! I occasionally jam out to this song when I need inspiration! I would totally dance to this too btw.

Listen Here!!!  (Seriously it’s super cute!!)

Theme Song for Tittybar Tales?!

I am super excited to be featured on the QuackCast over on The Duck Webcomics! Not only that, but fellow comic artist Gunwallace (and musician) has made a song inspired by Tittybar Tales! It’s a cute techno song featured about 7 mins into the podcast. Plus the guys on The Duck are pretty freakin’ funny. Thank you OzoneOcean for your amazingly kind review of Tittybar Tales. Check it out y’all!


Guess what I made a MIX TAPE! (requires flash player)

Music is an essential part of the clubbing experience. These songs I chose can all be found on top 40 charts released between 2000-2010. I did it this way instead of just songs that i liked to dance to or think are cool because I think it gives a better ‘feel’ of the setting and times.