Another portrait/backstage illustration this week. I’m still experimenting with Krita and studying color theory so bear with me while I put the next comic on pause for anther week. For now please enjoy “Smile,” a portrait of a dancer who I would describe as a heavy metal lovin’ country girl who is kind, funny, and just plain fun to be around!

Mermaid Hair

It’s been a busy week for me and while I don’t have a new comic to share please enjoy this full color drawing “Mermaid Hair“! This dancer would sometimes crimp her hair into long, beautiful, silky waves reaching her butt! I’ve had Mermaid Hair available on my Patreon where I’m uploading extras and pre-releasing comics weekly!

Check me out!

I added some new pictures to the gallery! I did these self portraits back in 2004. They are drawn with pastels on four 19″ x25″ Canson paper sheets assembled to make the complete image!

I’m OK guys!

This Thursday and Friday I will be finishing the next update! Please stay tuned and thx 4 ur patience!

Here’s the line art for Accessories.

I try to get my line art clean(ish) before inking but inevitably I end up doing a lot of editing at the inking phase through white paint and cutting and pasting.