Champagne Room

Champagne Room” ended up being a lot more complicated than I initially realized. The tiny figures came out really disproportionate and messed up looking and the lettering was running  together. I used a lot of white out. Then I burned through over 200 layers coloring (with Krtia).

Lately I made some color pallets in advance of starting to color the picture. I tend to pick colors at random based on intuition as I go with mixed results. Maybe you can tell I used a pallet in the last few comics?

Thanks again for sticking around!


Missed an update

Hi guys! I missed an update for the first time in a while last week. m(_ _)m

My ‘real life’ has been keeping me busy! I started a new job delivering groceries this week. It involved a lot of questionably legal parking while sprinting up four flights of stairs carrying too many bags.

That aside, i hope you enjoy this weeks comic “Stats.” I had a lot of fun drawing it and playing around with the filters and effects in Krita.


Hello friends! Ok, ok, i know i’m often late on the Saturday deadline. But this weeks comic has a lot of figures and I’m just learning how to ink digitally using Krita. Here’s a little teaser tho! I’m considering posting a ‘throw away’ comic for this week just to have one to look at.