Digital Painting

Hi y’all! I’ve been working really hard on next week’s comic! I’m doing it all in Krita this time from sketch to finished. I find it takes me twice as long to produce a comic digitally as it does with traditional media. Digital is great because if you fuck up you can just undo. But in traditional media if you fuck up it’s like, the mistake is there just move on. So please stay tuned, I think you all are going to like it!

Hope you have an excellent 2016!

❤ Alex

“Money Bags” process

Here’s a little about my process for the comic “Money Bags”. First I sketched from a few reference photos for sitting crosslegged and a trash bag full of money (I searched “trash bag full of leaves.”) Next I got my sketches clear-ish and taped them on the template, (I use a 6″x6″ square for my template.) Then I light boxed that shit, traced it out, and colored it. I have a decent set of Copic markers I love for coloring. Some of the comics I ink and color digitally and others are a combination.