Life Goals or Wife Goals?

I’m so excited to share the new comic “Crushed” with y’all! A while back I contacted some of my former co-workers (fellow strippers) and asked if they would be willing to share some of their stories. So far I’ve really enjoyed turning their stories in to comics and I have some more really great material to go through. I am super grateful to my peers who have generously shared their stories with me and (now) with you!

“Life goals or wife goals?” is what a friend said when I showed her the comic! (Apparently it’s a thing that is said!)

Where’s George?

Where’s George? is a currency tracking website. Every now and then i’d get a bill with a little stamp on it ‘’. You can enter the bill serial # and find out where it has traveled and add your own zip code. I used to also add a comment ‘found in a strippers thong.’