Cover Up

dress up xxl


Narration: I asked some of my friends about their experiences going to strip clubs.
(Shows someone having a chat conversation on their computer.)
Icon of a Caticorn: “Have you ever been to a strip club? What was it like?”
Icon of a pretty blond girl: “Yeah, I went with some friends. It was a nice place.”
(Flashback: Shot of bouncer holding up a large red polo shirt with ‘The Club’ printed on it.)
Bouncer: “Since you’re under 21 you have to put this over your dress.”
(The blond girl from the icon recoils in surprise.)
Narration: Note- in some states you can go in at 18 but you can’t buy a drink.
Icon 1: “Wait, what? They gave you a shirt to wear? I don’t get it…”
Icon 2: “I don’t know it was weird. The shirt was XXL and cost $40! I gave it to my dad, LOL!”
(Flashback: The blond stands next to a fancy buffet.)
Blonde: “Fine at least there’s a buffet.”
Icon 2: Maybe it was so the servers would know not to serve me alcohol.”
Icon 1: Maybe, but I wonder if they made the guys under 21 do the same…”

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