New comic soon!

My attention’s been pulled in a lot of different directions the past few weeks! For one thing I’ve been researching self publishing which is pretty intense, but I’m having a great time ordering paper samples! I also drew out a sequence for a video I’d like to make introducing myself. This will take some time because I know jack shit about making videos, but I’m looking to pay someone to help me make it. In the mean time I’ve been chipping away at the next comic and it’s almost ready to color! I could skip color to save time but it’s probably the most fun part of the process. Thanks for sticking around!



Alright! Got a new comic for y’all and I’m excited to share it so I decided NOT to wait until Saturday (like I usually do.) I work Saturday mornings now so sometimes I don’t get to post ’till late. Hit me up on twitter and tumblr!


Another portrait/backstage illustration this week. I’m still experimenting with Krita¬†and studying color theory so bear with me while I put the next comic on pause for anther week. For now please enjoy “Smile,” a portrait of a dancer who I would describe as a heavy metal lovin’ country girl who is kind, funny, and just plain fun to be around!

Life Goals or Wife Goals?

I’m so excited to share the new comic “Crushed” with y’all! A while back I contacted some of my former co-workers (fellow strippers) and asked if they would be willing to share some of their stories. So far I’ve really enjoyed turning their stories in to comics and I have some more really great material to go through. I am super grateful to my peers who have generously shared their stories with me and (now) with you!

“Life goals or wife goals?” is what a friend said when I showed her the comic! (Apparently it’s a thing that is said!)

Mermaid Hair

It’s been a busy week for me and while I don’t have a new comic to share please enjoy this full color drawing “Mermaid Hair“! This dancer would sometimes crimp her hair into long, beautiful, silky waves reaching her butt! I’ve had Mermaid Hair available on my Patreon where I’m uploading extras and pre-releasing comics weekly!