Hello dear readers! Even though I haven’t been updating Tittybar Tales I have been practicing drawing, a LOT! I’m so happy with how quickly this comic “Sexism” came out when I finally sat down to draw it. This makes me feel hopeful about getting even more comics drawn now that I have leveled up 💪

Some people think that strip clubs must be full of sexist people or that the very existence of strip clubs is sexist. Well, there’s really no avoiding sexism in any industry… but sexism showed up in this way that I didn’t expect. This episode is based on a story my friend told me about when her and her twin sister went out for a fun birthday night.


Cover Up

Finally a new comic– “Cover Up”! This one was told to me by a friend when I asked her “have you ever been to a strip club?” The clubs I worked at were generally cool to customers of the feminine persuasion, but I’ve definitely heard some uncomfortable stories. If you’re still following this webcomic, thank you!


P.S. I’ve decided to start including a transcript  for people using screen readers. Thanks!

A Living

This comic features two people who are very near and dear to me and I’m so thankful to have in my life! The hugest Thank You goes out to my partner’s mom for being cool and treating me like a normal person just trying to make a living. The job can have some unique and unusual aspects but strippers are ultimately there for the same reason everyone else gets a job… (the money!)

Now that I’ve finished two (of the four) comics I owe from my kickstarter I’m getting even more ideas for future comics. Yes it’s been a year since the kickstarter but I’m not giving up! In fact, I’m challenging myself with these next two comics to practice the skills I’ve learned in the past semester of school.

Until next time!

New Episode!

In this episode, Teamwork, one of Tittybar Tales very own Kickstarter backers is featured! Mr. Ozone Ocean has truly been so supportive and stuck with me since I started posting Tittybar Tales over on The Duck Webcomics in 2008. Check out his comic featuring a sexy pink haired lady kicking ass in an alternate 1920’s setting:

For this episode I asked Mr. Ocean if there was anything he would be interested in seeing a comic about. He asked if there was any rivalry between the dancers so I came up with this not-so-uncommon situation. It may seem lighthearted in the comic, but it can get pretty darn serious if someone ‘steals a customer’ from another entertainer. I personally feel that that a double dance is truly the most equitable resolution.

So much has happened since the Kickstarter last November. The US election, friends in crisis, and loosing both our beloved household pets– 2017 has been a bit rough!? BUT the GOOD NEWS is that I  started going to school for comics! I can hardly believe it! I’m having a great time and learning a lot already and I’m stoked to be getting a whole lot better at drawing and story telling. Please look forward to more comics!